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Procurement is guided by Vicinity's Core Values, always looking to find new and better ways of supporting our internal community and partnering with our suppliers

We work with our supplier community to build effective relationships that encourage open two-way communication and ongoing evaluation.  The way in which our suppliers operate is important to us and we measure their performance and provide feedback on a regular basis.  We evaluate the key areas of technology, flexibility, terms and conditions, quality, performance to commitments, and communications using formal performance reviews, supplier performance programs, and also more informal channels such as regular discussions.  

It’s imperative to us that our suppliers are always clear on our needs and expectations – and that we understand what they need from us.  Our review processes are designed to be thorough, open and to provide for two-way communication.

Doing Business with us

At Vicinity, we like to build long-term sustainable relationships with a wide-range of suppliers, so it's important to us that our partners are high performers, share our values, and understand our commitments.

If you are interested in becoming a supplier to Vicinity, we encourage you to get in touch with us

The information received will be reviewed by the Procurement team and, if appropriate, referred to when seeking new suppliers.

Please note that registering your interest does not pre-qualify you as a Vicinity supplier or guarantee you will be contacted to supply goods or services to us.


In accordance with our standard contractual provisions, Vicinity’s suppliers or potential suppliers are not permitted to use Vicinity's name or logo or to make any public announcements or disclosures in relation to their dealings with Vicinity without the organisation's prior written consent.

Should approval be given for a public announcement or media release, the wording and manner of publication must also be approved in writing by Vicinity. If you are an existing supplier seeking to reference Vicinity in a public announcement, you should first contact Procurement for permission via the details shown in the Contacts section of this website.

Prior to starting work, suppliers are subject to our robust qualification process. This involves obtaining sufficient evidence to ensure suppliers meet or exceed minimum standards in: health, safety, the environment, human rights, quality management and financial capacity, as well as ethical and anti-corruption practices.

Vicinity also plays an active role in promoting the Shopping Centre Council of Australia Working Guidelines. We encourage suppliers to read and understand these guidelines, as they will form part of any evaluation that the Vicinity Procurement team undertakes with prospective suppliers.

Vicinity is committed to understanding and responding to the impact of our business on our local communities and the environment – enhancing positive impacts and minimising negative ones. This commitment extends to the procurement of our products and services.

Vicinity seeks to work with suppliers whose values align with our own and who share our commitment to sustainability. Accordingly, suppliers should read and understand the Supplier Sustainability Code of Practice in seeking to do business with us.


It may be a requirement that a successful supplier register with Cm3; Vicinity’s externally hosted OH&S pre-qualification system for contractors.  To assist suppliers in understanding Vicinity’s requirements for OH&S pre-qualification, you should refer to the Cm3 website for further information.

Tendering process

1.   Preparation – obtain a copy of the tender documents as soon as you can, seek clarification in plenty of time and plan to get your response in before the closing time.

2.   Requirements – make sure you understand what is required;

  • Read the tender documentation thoroughly
  • Attend any pre-tender briefing sessions and be prepared to ask questions;
  • All new or additional information provided during pre-tender briefing sessions, or in response to suppliers seeking clarification, may be provided in writing to all potential tenderers

3.  Responding – Identify how to respond. Check to see if there are any standard forms to be completed and make sure you answer the questions asked.

4.  Evaluation – Determine the criteria against which tender responses will be evaluated, noting any specific areas that will assist with the evaluation. and note any weighting placed on each of the criteria. 

5.  Contract – Read the contract terms and conditions and make sure that you can comply.  Non-compliant tenders may not be considered.

Note: the information outlined above is provided as guidance only; suppliers must refer to the specific guidelines outlined in each tender they participate in with us.

Terms and Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions apply where a Purchase Order (PO) has been issued by Vicinity Centres. Please download a copy for your records.

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