Career Stories: John Nadalin
Regional General Manager, Victoria

John Nadalin’s name often pops up when we talk about career journeys at Vicinity, and for good reason.

After 21 years managing Vicinity’s operational Finance functions, John pursued a lateral move into the Property Management leadership team. With a passion for retail, more than two decades in the property and retail sector, and significant experience leading high performing teams, John was an ideal candidate for a Regional General Manager role leading a large part our Victorian shopping centre portfolio.

VCX: Hi John. So, let's start with your career history and what brought you to Vicinity?

JN: I started my career at PwC, which oddly enough is from where my passion for retail grew. Over the 10 years I was there, I mostly worked on property and retail clients so really began to understand and appreciate the industry.

I left PwC and for the next three years worked in Finance for a retail start up before then joining The Gandel Group, which through various corporate changes, eventually landed me at Vicinity. 

I was in Finance for the first 21 years of my time with Vicinity and was responsible for most of this time for the operational Finance functions. 

I was lucky enough to be offered a career coach by Vicinity during COVID-19 which challenged me to think laterally about new opportunities that l could pursue.  I love working for Vicinity and put my hand up for a lateral career move into an operational management position as Regional General Manager Victorian shopping centres. 

I am very grateful to the business for this opportunity and have loved the transition and ability to be at our assets working with our passionate teams.


VCX: That's quite a journey! What transferable skills have helped you moving from Finance into Property Management?

JN: I was initially employed, particularly at PwC, for my technical ability but I would like to think that I have used this technical knowledge as a foundation to then become a good people leader which is important in my new role.

My role is to provide leadership, trust and support to my teams and to enable them to thrive in their roles.  The leadership skills that l have developed over my career are therefore what l see as the most important transferable skill in moving from Finance into Property Management.

VCX: Is there a memorable project you've worked on or something you're particularly proud of?

JN: That’s a hard one, there have many memorable experiences that I am proud of. 

One project that I look back on pride with was the establishment of the management business processes and systems for the billing of property management and development fees.  This was an intense task that needed collaboration and delivery in a very tight timeline.  Most of these processes and procedures are still used many years after they were developed.


VCX: How do you achieve work/life balance?

JN: Ensure I focus on fitness and health, time with family and friends and embrace my many passions!

From a fitness perspective, I have an early morning exercise routine on workdays, go for a bike ride at least once on the weekend and play doubles tennis socially every week. 

I love listening to podcasts, music and have many passions that often involve spending money, to my family’s frustration!

I find having a great work/life balance allows me to bring my best self to work each day

VCX: What's your advice to anybody that wants to progress their career?

JN: Put your hand up to take on tasks and apply a positive perspective to your role, whatever that may be. With those tasks, make sure you approach them with passion and a sense of pride, and deliver to what you commit. 

It’s also important to listen and learn from others, take an enterprise view and treat everyone with respect. 

I’m confident that if you do all these things you will love what you do and most likely will develop your career in the process!


VCX: What's the best thing about working at Vicinity?

JN: We're fortunate to have some great benefits including parental leave, volunteer days and birthday leave.

But the best thing about working at Vicinity is the passion and pride of the people.  We care for each other and have each other’s backs and that’s a culture that l enjoy being part of hence why I am still here after almost 22 years!