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Data Science and Strategic Insights
Our in-house capability boosted by external partnerships helps us provides valuable insights to our stakeholders

The evolution of the retail and property industries has accelerated our adoption of a growth mindset to position Vicinity as a forward-thinking real estate business.

Fundamental to the growth of both Vicinity and our partners is our investment in technology, innovation and data smarts.

Our focus on researching, interrogating and learning from data and insights allows us to experiment, incubate and deliver ground-breaking new ideas that will help transform our business.

We do this by leveraging everything that is core to our business and expertise today, and re-evaluating the needs and journeys of our customers, employing new technologies to generate new solutions and business growth areas to drive the future.

A dedicated in-house team

The past few years has seen Vicinity invest in recruiting some of the smartest Data Science and Strategic Insights professionals around.

This team has delivered tangible benefits to our stakeholders, from allowing us to advise our retailers on the most suitable and profitable space using data analytics, to providing our teams with human-led insight into what our customers want and how we can continue to create unforgettable experiences at our destinations.