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Welcome to our Supplier Community

We value the relationships we have with each of our suppliers and look forward to building on those relationships into the future to drive success for your business and ours.

We believe that our suppliers have the market intelligence and capability to ensure we offer our customers at Vicinity the best possible experience.

Like us, our suppliers work across many industries and locations so it’s important they can share their knowledge and capability so that together we can drive business success. In return, Vicinity is always open to introducing new technology and concepts into our centres, giving suppliers a competitive edge in the Australian market.

Supporting local people and businesses 

Vicinity invests significantly with local and national suppliers, through our operational and capital spend. We create jobs in our communities and we want to support organisations and people that may not have the same opportunities in the marketplace. We do this by:

  • Engaging with social enterprises and creating jobs for people experiencing hardship or disadvantage

  • Focusing on creating jobs by sourcing activities and relationships with suppliers

  • Enrichment our communities by working, where possible, with local suppliers


Facilities management services undertaken by social enterprises across Australia

House With No Steps (HWNS)

Since 2017, Vicinity has engaged HWNS to undertake landscaping services across our NSW and QLD centres. The HWNS team also manages our revolutionary waste sorting system which we operate at Chatswood Chase Sydney. HWNS is Australia’s largest disability service provider enabling people to realise their personal aspirations and goals by providing them with employment. HWNS work hard to make sure the people they support get a fair go, so that disabilities don’t limit the degree of choice and control people have over their own lives.


Activ Foundation

Since 2016, Vicinity has partnered with Activ Foundation in Western Australia to provide landscaping services across our WA centre portfolio.  Activ is WA’s largest disability service provider to both adults and children. Through Activ’s employment service, individuals can develop their workplace skills and conduct, performance and safety as well as developing better social skills in a commercial environment.


YMCA Rebuild

Since 2016, Vicinity and YMCA Rebuild have worked together to help young people gain employment. Rebuild provides landscaping, painting and maintenance services to our Victorian centres.  They provide the opportunity for each of the young people involved to learn a new skill, adapt a regular routine, receive supervised training, hold a job, and find a pathway to regular employment. They strive to remove the barriers to employment that many young ex-offenders experience and, in doing so, aim to reduce the chance of re-offending.


Marist180 Painting Services

Marist 180 Painting Services have completed painting projects across our NSW and QLD centres since mid-2017.  They create employment for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders as apprentices. Marist 180 believe that structured employment, expert on the job training and well-developed support systems can change the lives of apprentices, their families and their communities.  This is a simple and powerful way of creating tangible social impact.

Creating jobs for marginalised groups through existing service providers

Marist 180 Youth Care

Vicinity is passionate about creating jobs for local people in our communities. It can be life changing for the people who engage, and it helps our communities grow. Marist180 is one of Australia leading agencies supporting young people at risk, and their families, to create positive change.

Vicinity has partnered with Marist180 to recruit young people through our existing cleaning supplier network. We recognised that it was important to provide a safety net and support service for people once they commenced working at our centres. Marist 180 together with their local employment partners such as the Brotherhood of St Laurence provide this end to end solution which includes access to education, accommodation and programs to empower young people and their families.

How other social enterprises can work with us and what we are open to do   

Vicinity is open to partnering with social enterprises and local businesses across Australia. We have strong relationships with our existing strategic colleagues and we believe there are avenues for collaboration with new partners. 

Innovation through smart technologies and automation 

Vicinity connects our ecosystem of people and partners to create amazing experiences with the shopper and retailer at hear so it’s important that we focus on our operational activities and amenities in a safe, clean and secure environment. Our suppliers are at the forefront of providing services to meet our customers’ needs and expectations, which we know are always changing. For us:  

  • our aim is to do things better, easier, more efficiently and more sustainably for our people and  the environment
  • we collaborate with our suppliers to ensure is delivered in the most environmentally and employee-friendly way 
  • we believe that innovation can play a part in this journey with our suppliers

The video highlights key innovation projects which have been deployed across Vicinity

Autonomous and automated equipment to improve presentation and re-invest labour

Autonomous Cleaning Scrubbers

Vicinity has deployed various brands of autonomous cleaning scrubbers across our portfolio since 2017. In Australia, we’ve been at the forefront of adopting this technology and have developed relationships globally with manufacturers. The new autonomous cleaning scrubbers are able to independently complete cleaning tasks of our centre floors and some have the capability to understand what level of cleaning is required based on floor condition.  It’s an opportunity for us to redistribute our cleaning teams to other tasks, maximising efficiency and ensuring we meet our customers’ expectations of cleanliness and presentation at our centres. Feedback from our cleaning teams has been positive. 

Intelligent Mopping

The safety of our customers, retailers, teams and the wider community is always our priority, which is why recognised the need to quickly clean spills in our centres. The iMop is a hand directed clean/scrub/dry piece of equipment which replaces the traditional “mop and bucket”.

The iMop works to solve the problems of floor cleaning systems by combining the flexibility of a floor mop with the power and speed of industrial scrubbers.

The iMop was introduced in late 2016 across 45 of our centres and allows our cleaning teams to action spills quickly and using less water. It also ensures consistent standards of cleanliness in our amenities, food courts and entrances.  We’ve seen a more effective clean in some areas, since this technology was deployed, as well as a reduction in water usage.

Automated Compacting Bins

We are committed to reducing our environmental impact and to be more efficient in our operations, which is why we’ve partnered with several suppliers to introduce automated compacting bins into our centres.  The bins have special sensors that compact the rubbish inside the units, creating up to five times as much space in the bins.  The technology can also alert our cleaning teams when the bins need to be emptied and managed via a centralised portal that allows for demand based services.  The bins are ideal for us to use in our food courts where we’re managing large volumes of waste. Vicinity has also installed solar-powered compacting bins in some external areas.. It’s seen our cleaning teams spend less time emptying bins and more time on customer facing tasks while our waste streams are more efficient when leaving our centres.

How other start-ups and technology firms can work with us and what we are open to do

Vicinity wants to discuss ideas and innovation concepts with existing and potential suppliers as well as start-ups and new-to-market businesses. We engage with Australian companies but have also worked with suppliers in North America and Europe to introduce concepts to our market. We believe we have the facilities, and the right people in our centres, to test, try and develop new technologies to drive success for Vicinity and our partners. Please contact us at national.procurement@vicinity.com.au

How we work with our supplier community

Vicinity understands how important our suppliers are to the successful day-to-day operations of our centres. We want work collaboratively to ensure a sustainable future. In order to align our priorities and manage our strategic relationships Vicinity uses the following principles:

  • Source the best
  • Make a difference
  • Good governance
  • Safety and wellbeing
  • Reduced complexity (effectiveness and efficiency in operations)
  • Innovation in processes and the adoption of technology    

The Vicinity Supplier Relationship Management Guiding Principles is the framework utilised for the above principles at Vicinity


In accordance with our standard contractual provisions, Vicinity’s suppliers or potential suppliers are not permitted to use Vicinity's name or logo or to make any public announcements or disclosures in relation to their dealings with Vicinity without the organisation's prior written consent.

Should approval be given for a public announcement or media release, the wording and manner of publication must also be approved in writing by Vicinity. If you are an existing supplier seeking to reference Vicinity in a public announcement, you should first contact Procurement for permission via the details shown in the Contacts section of this website.

Prior to starting work, suppliers are subject to our robust qualification process. This involves obtaining sufficient evidence to ensure suppliers meet or exceed minimum standards in: health, safety, the environment, human rights, quality management and financial capacity, as well as ethical and anti-corruption practices.

Vicinity also plays an active role in promoting the Shopping Centre Council of Australia Working Guidelines. We encourage suppliers to read and understand these guidelines, as they will form part of any evaluation that the Vicinity Procurement team undertakes with prospective suppliers.

Vicinity is committed to understanding and responding to the impact of our business on our local communities and the environment – enhancing positive impacts and minimising negative ones. This commitment extends to the procurement of our products and services.

Vicinity seeks to work with suppliers whose values align with our own and who share our commitment to sustainability. Accordingly, suppliers should read and understand the Supplier Sustainability Code of Practice in seeking to do business with us.


It may be a requirement that a successful supplier register with Rapid Induct, Vicinity’s externally hosted OH&S pre-qualification system for contractors.  Further Information can be provided by Centre Management teams.

Tendering process

1.   Preparation – obtain a copy of the tender documents as soon as you can, seek clarification in plenty of time and plan to get your response in before the closing time.

2.   Requirements – make sure you understand what is required;

  • Read the tender documentation thoroughly
  • Attend any pre-tender briefing sessions and be prepared to ask questions;
  • All new or additional information provided during pre-tender briefing sessions, or in response to suppliers seeking clarification, may be provided in writing to all potential tenderers

3.  Responding – Identify how to respond. Check to see if there are any standard forms to be completed and make sure you answer the questions asked.

4.  Evaluation – Determine the criteria against which tender responses will be evaluated, noting any specific areas that will assist with the evaluation. and note any weighting placed on each of the criteria. 

5.  Contract – Read the contract terms and conditions and make sure that you can comply.  Non-compliant tenders may not be considered.

Note: the information outlined above is provided as guidance only; suppliers must refer to the specific guidelines outlined in each tender they participate in with us.

Terms and Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions apply where a Purchase Order (PO) has been issued by Vicinity Centres. Please download a copy for your records.

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