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Career Stories: Glenn Ong
General Manager - Core Technology

Three roles in 4.5 years keeps Glenn on his toes

Glenn started his journey with Vicinity in 2018 and, four and a half years later, now enters his third role with the business, a promotion to General Manager – Core Technology. 

We sat down with Glenn to understand a little about his journey and how he takes advantage of Vicinity’s flexibility and work/life balance with interests outside of work. 

Vicinity People - Glenn Ong
Glenn Ong - General Manager Core TechnologyCredit: Vicinity Centres

VCX: Hi Glenn, firstly, tell us a little about yourself? 

GO: Hi, I’m Glenn Ong and I have been with Vicinity for 4.5 years and have just recently started my new role as GM Core Technology leading our amazing Core Systems and IT Operations teams. 

I have a broad remit in my role and quite a large team which I’m looking forward to spending time with.  

This is my third role at Vicinity which is really a testament to the company’s excellent career development culture and our empowering leaders past and present.  

On a more personal level, my background is Malaysian Chinese but having first living in Brisbane in my formative years before settling in Melbourne 23 years ago, footy for me still means Rugby League and AFL is AFL. I am an avid sports fan in general so do enjoy watching both codes as well as Union but not as much as I used to, as my two kids are keeping my wife and I very busy nowadays!

VCX: Reflecting back on your previous roles, what was it that led you to Vicinity?

GO: My career in technology has given me valuable exposures in many industries ranging from banking and insurance to technology vendor to critical infrastructure.

Prior to Vicinity, I was Network Manager in Transurban where I was responsible for the core networking technologies that keep their toll road assets/tunnels open and running.

I enjoyed my time at Transurban but the opportunity to apply my experience and attract technology partnerships for such a diverse range of centre assets across the country was simply too difficult to pass up.

VCX: You’re now in a new and highly visible role so, tell us, what are you looking forward to in the coming months?

GO: Given I’m not new to Vicinity, I intend to hit the ground running and helping the teams in my new capacity to deliver our important strategic technology initiatives. I’ll be looking at everything from next-generation enterprise networks to various cloud migrations, with a view to providing significant capability uplift and financial benefits to Vicinity in the years to come.

I also look forward to support our newly realigned Innovation & Information Digital Product team to mobilise important digital initiatives including Retailer Portal Refresh.

VCX: Work/life balance is something Vicinity focuses on supporting its employees with, what’s something you love to do outside of work?

GO: Being a technologist, I do love my tech gadgets and a bit of home automation, but they pale in comparisons to the pro level set up some of our team members have achieved at their homes.

Apart from that, I very much enjoy listening and attending classical music concerts at all levels thanks to my daughter’s interest for her instruments and her participation in Melbourne Youth Orchestra.

The Galeries, NSW
The Galeries, NSWCredit: Vicinity Centres

VCX: Okay, finally and probably the toughest to answer…what’s your favourite Vicinity centre and why?

GO: Ah this is the most difficult question!

All of our centres are amazing in their own way, of course, but if I must pick one then I’ll go with The Galeries in Sydney CBD.

The Galeries is a unique centre that always has something eye-catching happening, plus it has a very impressive bookstore that I’m a huge fan of called Kinokuniya – the only one of its kind in Australia and well worth a look if you haven’t been there before.

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