L'Oreal's effective brand activation

Vicinity destinations across Australia have long been a hub for customers to access the latest fashion and beauty products amongst other things.

Taking note of Vicinity's 340-million annual customer visits, L'Oreal set out to better understand and connect with customers of its popular Lancome brand, using the exposure and flexibility of brand activations to its fullest potential.

"L'Oreal has conducted a number of successful brand activations across Vicinity centres.
The activations have enabled us to forge deeper and more personal relationships with our customers.
This allows L'Oreal to better understand product needs and beauty goals, enabling us to build long-term customer loyalty."

Niki Kiskiras, Senior Retail Brand Manager, L'Oreal Australia

After working with Vicinity's brand activations team, L'Oreal erected their temporary site at Chadstone- The Fashion Capital in a high-footfall area that attracted target customers.

An explosion of red and an unmissable demonstration of the power of the Lancome brand, L'Oreal allowed customers to touch, test, and explore new products, taking advantage of the expert advice on hand and in turn building greater loyalty and influencing shopper decisions.

Brand activations are an important and effective way to support product launches, customer relationship building or simply raising awareness. L'Oreal was able to do all three in addition to:

  • providing a customer WOW factor

  • educate customers one-on-one

  • Generate immediate sales leads

  • Stand out from the competition